Psychological Thriller
A stranded woman must befriend a dangerous drifter to get back on the road before she is attacked again.

Directed by Ty Leisher
Written by Ty Leisher and Bryan Stubbles and Brian Majestic & Danielle Passantino
Executive Produced by Produced by Brian Majestic and Danielle Passantino
Produced by Ty Leisher and  Ed Morrone
Associated Produced by Eric Brodeur
Cinematography by Will Turner
Edited by Eric Brodeur
Sound Mix by Rich Novak
Original Score by Ryan Richko
Color Grade by Company 3

  • Brian Majestic
  • Danielle Passantino
  • Ed Morrone
  • August Thompsoin


Crime Thriller
Two bank employees steal from a money launderer to compete in a high stakes mafia poker tournament.

Directed by Ty Leisher
Written by Ty Leisher
Produced by Alexis Ottier & Ty Leisher
Cinematography by Jon Meredith
Designed by Maile Cassara
Original Score by Matthew Leisher
Color Grade by Jason Myres

  • Clint Keepin
  • Zach Silverman
  • Ed Morrone
  • Brian Majestic
  • And More!


Psychological Thriller
A pathological liar is called in for questioning on a murder he may or may not have committed.

Directed by Ty Leisher
Written by Aaron Fors & Ty Leisher
Produced by Alexis Ottier and Lorelei Neitzel
Cinematography by Will Turner

  • Aaron Fors
  • Clint Hummel
  • Lawrence Long
  • Phaedra Neitzel
  • Leanna Tallmeister

The Burgles

Two bandits. One house. All problems.

Directed by Ty Leisher
Written by Ty Leisher & Ed Morrone
Produced by Ty Leisher, Ed Morrone & Lex Edelman
Cinematography by Jon Meredith

  • Ed Morrone